The Front Office

Courtney F. Linn



Company President 

Courtney earned degrees in economics and French, both in the United States and while a student at the Sorbonne in Paris. She spent the last 20 years focused on the families of Special Operations Forces through her support and charity efforts. Residing abroad for seven years, Courtney was able to combine her French and German language capabilities with a peerless marketing background in the tech sector and professional auto racing in order to lay the foundation for Heritage Arsenal and the capabilities it brings to this market space. 

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William D. "Bill" Linn II



Vice President and Co-Founder

During his 28-year career in the Army, Bill led Parachute Infantry, Ranger, and Special Forces units at the detachment, platoon, company, and battalion-levels. A Master Parachutist credited with a combat jump, he is a veteran of eight named operations that include direct combat in Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan. A West Point graduate who has earned two Masters degrees, Bill’s passion for military history and the legacy of our Veterans influenced the company's founding and the development of a portfolio of services that established Heritage Arsenal as a premier collection management company.

Our Appraisers, Photographers, and Researchers

We've assembled a team of experts who enjoy a passion for military history and associated artifacts. Collectively, we share a strong commitment to preservation and memorialization. Our certification process, inclusive of authenticating, grading, photography, and appraisal, is a mechanism to ensure that military artifacts and the service and sacrifice of those who directly participated in our nation’s defense, most notably during wartime, is preserved and honored. Consistent with these core objectives, we've deliberately recruited experts who are themselves military Veterans. It only makes sense that Veterans would be the ones uniquely suited to preserve the impactful history of fellow Veterans. Our Appraisers have a strong connection to the current militaria market and conduct extensive market research at signature trade shows and auctions. Our Photographers have the skillsets associated with photographic documentation and digital capture, but also leverage a keen eye for aesthetics. Our Researchers are thoroughly credentialed and on location at the nation's largest and most comprehensive archives where individual and unit records are stored and preserved. Without question, only those who enjoy an impeccable reputation are favorably considered for projects as a member of Heritage Arsenal's team.