Heritage Arsenal

Consulting Services


Let Heritage Arsenal, a member of the American Alliance of Museums, provide expert consultation services to help chart a way forward based on your stated goals and objectives. Maybe you need assistance with exhibit design, establishing systems, drafting a Collection Plan, or building compliant artifact storage? 

Artifact Certification


Submit your artifacts to a comprehensive 10-step certification process conducted by a team of experts working at our compliant, secure facility. The resulting digital record includes professional photography, a narrative description, and a Fair Market Value appraisal. The process can be further enhanced with options that support digital inventory, mitigate loss and theft, and - for attributed artifacts - capture and celebrate the military service of an individual Veteran. 

Artifact Accession / Acquisition


Leverage Heritage Arsenal's world-wide global network to locate impactful, one-of-a-kind artifacts that fill the gaps in your current collection. Build a captivating exhibit that leaves a strong impression on your visitors or effectively commemorates a unit, battle, or event with a thoughtful, comprehensive display. Artifacts we acquire on your behalf will arrive at your location already certified and ready to exhibit.

Artifact Deaccession


Let Heritage Arsenal help you exercise sound stewardship by refining your collection through discrete deaccession and monetization of less impactful artifacts or your duplicates. Relieve your institution from expensive storage costs and labor-intensive inventory while generating revenue to reinvest in your collection. Foundational to this service is adherence to the ethics and best practices established by the American Alliance of Museums. 

Donation Management


Heritage Arsenal's Donation Management model allows non-profits to generate a residual revenue stream through military artifacts donated to the non-profit as gifts-in-kind. By outsourcing less impactful activities to us, you maintain autonomy while leaving labor-intensive receipt, triage, certifying, and monetizing to our experts. This service results in targeted donor lists that can inform future fundraising. Our world-class Donor Management / Customer Relations Management ensures your institution maintains a strong link to your donor community. 

Specialized Artifact Storage


Relieve the pressure on your museum's footprint and warehouse space by taking advantage of short and long-term artifact storage packages available in our secure, climate-controlled facility. Once your artifacts are resident here, you can have routine access to the collection to support inventory and oversight and call them forward with minimal lead time. We can arrange bulk shipping options between facilities that make this service completely turn-key.

Hi-Tech Solutions / Systems Integration


By forging an enduring strategic alliance with Evanhoe and Associates of Dayton, Ohio, a world leader in RFID and asset tracking and management, our clients can leverage IT systems that mitigate loss and theft, enable digital inventory of vast holdings, and significantly enhance visitor experience. MuseumAware, archiving software that was a product of our collaboration, is the only product of its kind to give equal weight to the story of an artifact as well as the associated Service Member. The software creates an inextricable link between object and individual, allowing that compelling narrative of sacrifice and service to be shared and explored in a meaningful way. Put the same team that solved Air Force logistics and currently is entrusted with asset tracking and management for the US Patent and Trademark Office to work for you.