The Company


Challenges of the Current Environment

Regardless of a military museum’s size, how long they’ve been established, or their specific mission and focus, they share systemic issues and challenges with thousands of other directors and curators. As stewards of impactful public and private collections, museums remain committed to excellence. Directors and curators must balance the demands of current regulations, established standards, and/or guidance from those in direct oversight with the realities of budgetary and resource constraints, shortages of staff and volunteers, outdated or non-existent tech packages, and limited exhibit and storage space. Oftentimes the results, despite the best of intensions, are shortfalls in effective collection management and stewardship. 

Non-profits forge ahead with noble missions and causes, but remain challenged to generate recurring revenue streams to sustain operations as well as stay connected their members and community of interest.  

Our Value Proposition

Heritage Arsenal offers comprehensive collection management solutions for both military museums and those who steward historic military collections. Additionally, we've created a Donation Management model that serves museums and institutions as well as non-profits interested in generating a recurring residual revenue stream. As a Veteran-founded company that operates as an economically-disadvantaged, woman-owned small business (EDWOSB), we are uniquely suited to offer professional services and world-class capabilities inclusive of:

  • Consulting Services
  • Artifact Certification
  • Artifact Accession/Acquisition Assistance
  • Artifact Deaccession
  • Donation Management
  • Specialized Artifact Storage
  • Hi-Tech Solutions & Systems Integration (In Strategic Alliance with Evanhoe & Assoc!)